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Life's Too Short to be Dull!

We sharpen just about everything that has blades. Call or text 609-635-6909 today to schedule a drop off or a sharpen while you wait appointment. Same day appointments may be available!

  • Five or more blades sharpened receive a 10% discount.

  • First responders, military, and veterans receive a 10% discount.

  • Free pick up and delivery of service for 25 or more blades.

  • One offer per order.

Services: Services

Knife Sharpening

All types of knives including Kitchen, Ceramic, Pocket,  Machete, Pizza Cutters, and even Food Processor Blades. We also repair broken knife tips.



All types of Household, Hair Cutting, and Fabric Scissors


Any garden tools with a blade, including Axes, Hatchets, Mower Blades, Shovels, Grass Clippers, Chisels, etc.

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